Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Set Like Flint Ministries?

Loves, may I call you loves? That is His heart for you. Don't think I am being precocious when I call you loves. When I write to you I have this need to tell you that you are the beloved of God. It is so important for you to get that one thing in your spirit! You are the BELOVED of the Most High God! He loves you with an everlasting love. A love that endures forever. It endures the hardest pains you have ever felt. The deepest valleys you have ever had to walk. The scariest times you have ever had to face. His love carries you. It frees you. So, understand that is the heart behind me calling you, His beloved ones, "Loves".

I have something on my heart to share with you. And I got off on a God trail about why I call you loves. :)

I want us to get to know each other better. So I am going to share with you my heart and who I am and why I am doing this.

Isaiah 50:7 Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame.

I have always identified with this verse. In different ways we all have a place in our lives that we are in shame. It could be small ways or huge ways that control our lives.
Isaiah was a prophet that God used to warn of judgement of sin, deliverance of the Jews, and told of the coming Messiah. He told of His birth and how He would carry our shame to the cross. He was used by God in a powerful way.
It is believed he was also martyred.

He had some pretty hard stuff to say!
Let me ask you. Have you ever been doing something you know you shouldn't and someone comes in the room and says something about it and you just get very angry and maybe even go off? I have. One time....several times I will be hiding in the kitchen stuffin' my ever lovin' face with something. Now is food okay? Absolutely! Is stuffin' my ever lovin' face at midnight with half of the chocolate cake that I am trying to hoard from the rest of the crew okay? Uh..probably not.
Then my precious love, Q (my hubby), comes (sneaks) around the corner and discovers me as I am putting my hand, filled with more cake, up to my already full mouth. Side note: No, that is not how I usually eat..I am hurrying, because, well, I am...forget it.
Anyway, So there we are. Me, looking like I have come from a 3rd world country and have had nothing but rice, and I have discovered chocolate! And Him, who knows I didn't come from such a place with such a situation. He just looks at me. I am caught. UGH! I get sooooo mad! He didn't even say a word, but believe it or not, even through the chocolate, I smelled his thoughts! "Oh! You wanna judge me buddy?!" I spew through a mouthful of chocolate cake. He wipes his eye, as just a little speck got in his eye. The rest is everywhere else on his face. "No. No need to judge. Just wondering what your up too?" ARGH! ALL THAT JUDGEMENT!

Okay, that is a little far fetched, well just a little. But my point here is that some Jews didn't like what Isaiah had to say as they were thoroughly enjoying their sin. I bet he endured a lot of threats and ugly words. Even people telling him to stop all nonsense. Even those very close to him not supporting him at all. Maybe even making fun of him. Jeering at him that he is a fool. I mean, he is from royalty! He was from aristocracy! How embarrassing!
But, there was something inside. Something that no word from the enemy could conquer. It was a call. It was a fullness. It was a relationship that was so strong nothing could stop it.
It was a determination. It was a tenaciousness that caused him to SET HIS FACE LIKE FLINT! No disgrace, no shame, no discouragement, no nothing was going to come between him and God's call. He was going to do it, not by himself, by the Sovereign LORD's help!

Set Like Flint Ministries is being birthed to encourage His beloved to do the same. To hang on to His garment, with sword in hand, face set, while He slays our enemy, and overcomes our battles and teaches us to walk free in Him, so we can share the same with others! That is His call on all of us!