Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have answered several texts, emails, and voice mails and am wiped out.  I wanted to avoid doing this on Facebook as I can be a very private person but decided to go ahead and put this out there to preserve myself from repeating myself so many times.  :)  
So I have decided to update from here and I will date them so that your up on the latest.

First of all, for those of you that do not know yet, yesterday, 12/14/10, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Life as I knew it has come to a complete halt and am now in a different gear and charging forward.  
I am relying on friends to call friends and help me with the many calls I have had to make, so if you received a call from a friend or heard from a friend please don't be offended, I deeply apologize as I wish I could have told each of you face to face. When they found it, they sent me on a whirlwind run from one doctor to another to another only to go to bed tonight to get up early to begin my day in more tests and more docs until tomorrow night.  So again, I am sorry if you didn't get to hear it from me. 

Here are the details:
I found a lump two days before Thanksgiving.  Went to the obgyn the Monday after Thanksgiving.  He said it was probably nothing as it felt like a fibro-adenoid but should probably go to a breast specialist just in case.  We didn't rush to much and this past Friday I finally went in and got a mammogram and sono-gram. 
To our shock the radiologist said it looked suspicious.  So he scheduled us to come back for a biopsy for yesterday.  
Yesterday, we went in for the biopsy and realized that there was also a lymph node that looked funny so they biopsied that as well.  We weren't supposed to hear anything on the biopsy until tomorrow or Friday, but was shocked to be taken into a room and told that the biopsy was indeed malignant.  
We were then sent immediately upstairs to the surgery center to make an appointment with a surgeon for next Tuesday.  
After making the appointment we were driving home, in shock, and got a call that the surgeon looked at my chart and wanted the nurse to call me back because he didn't want to wait until next Tuesday, he wanted me in tomorrow (which is today). 
So today we went in.  They don't have the full pathology report but they do know enough to know that I am at least at stage 2 and that the cancer is aggressive and so we must move fast.  He gave me my options, and said the he called an oncologist himself and the oncologist wanted to see me in 2 hours.  At that appointment I learned that I will start chemo almost immediatly, depending on the pathology report.  It has the exact type of cancer and at what stage.  This may be genetic as I am so young so if it is they will handle this differently.  
I will lose one breast if not both and may lose my ovaries.  They will take all my lymph nodes on my left side under my arm.  I will have chemo first before the surgeries as they want to watch and see if the tumor responds to the chemo and how it responds.  I also may go another route, which is just taking the lump itself to avoid losing the breast and the radiation, but I am leaning more toward mastectomy as I don't want to deal with cancer coming back.  And if this is genetic then it won't matter anyway, I will lose both breasts then.  
After losing the breast they will then have a re constructive surgeon come in and to replace what I lost.  
So, now we are in a waiting time for pathology reports and in that waiting I will be at several doctors this week and next.

That is the details.
I will keep you as updated as possible.

The most important part of this whole thing is that I believe God is who He says He is.  He is my healer.  He has prepared me for this.  He is walking ever so close to me.  He has set me up with the best doctors who also are believers.  He has given me a hopeful outlook and I believe I will live.  I have not a doubt in my mind.  I am a fighter and a strong woman of God.  I know that nothing happens that has not gone through His hand first....sifted..and touched.  He has me here for such a time as this.  I will rise up and praise Him through this.  I know I am more than a conquerer and that His magnificent grace covers me and His runs through my veins.  He is allowing me to walk with pockets of death in my body so that I know I have a hold of it, it doesn't have a hold of me.  How amazing that His grace is sooo sufficient and His power so strong that I can hold death in my body and it not behold me!  That is the God I serve!  That is my glorious King!  He is sovereign over death and life, good and bad!  He reigns and He controls this.  He has ordered my steps and this is the order I have right now...I walk those steps with my very best friend, Jesus Christ.  
He has all the glory forever and ever!  
I am gonna praise Him still.  Praise confuses the enemy so I am just a ball of confusion!

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