Thursday, December 16, 2010


Thank you so much for all the love!  You have literally caused me to cry over the love you are sharing with me!  I love being in the family of God!  So many of you have poured out so generously through words, and actions.  We are so overwhelmed and encouraged.  Thank you!

I got up today very quickly even though I am so tired.  I feel urgency to get to every appt. because I want to get on with treatment.  I am walking around with death in my body and I am ready to slay it.  I don't know if that makes sense.  

I went to two photo shoots today. (MRI, and a PET Image)  Although they weren't focused on my face.  ;)  
Today, I went alone.  I was a little scared but I knew it was time to be a big girl as I realize I am going to have to go it alone some with just me and God in the next several months.  

The MRI is to see if there is anymore cancer in my breasts, and the PET was to see if there was anymore in my body.  It has already spread into my lymph node so there is a possibility that it could have gone into other parts of my body as well.  Please pray against that!  The PET took two hours and so by the time I got to the MRI I was getting so sleepy.  I fell asleep in the tube thingy and the tech said something to me and when he did I sat up not remembering where I was and bonked my head!  hahaha!  I can just imagine the picture of my face smashed up against the... Oh, I don't know..In my head its funny.

I still haven't received the pathology report.  UGH!  I am so ready for that because I want to know what stage I am in and what kind of cancer it is.  Then we can deal with this!  But I know God has His timing and it is perfect.  

Tomorrow, I regroup with my oncologist.  That is to know when we start chemo.  So I hope we get the report by then.  I am at a frustrating point of waiting, but I also just feel an amazing joy.  God, is so amazing!  

I have met so many people that either have survived cancer or has family that has survived.  Even today I stopped at the Verizon store, in between appointments and a lady overheard me talking and she walked up and said, " I am in my fourth year of no breast cancer.  I want your name so I can pray for you and give you a hug.  You and I are in a club that no one wants to join, so we hug when we meet." 

What God is doing is blowing me away!  He is having our brothers and sisters in Christ pour out extravagantly on us.  We have received gifts of encouraging words, and presents, and money which is helping us so much!  Some of this is coming through anonymous means.  I pray multi-fold blessings on all of you!  

What is really amazing to me is the presence of Jehovah.  He is so so close.  I can't believe the peace and comfort I am walking in!  I was driving to the MRI and I just felt so happy.  I said, "Lord, I almost feel guilty feeling so happy right now!  I mean, I have CANCER!!!"  He so preciously spoke to my spirit and said, "Isn't my joy the source of your strength?"  Wow!  I have strength and courage and determination because the Lord is flowing through me with songs of praise and joyous laughter!  

Yep...I am a ball of confusion for the enemy!  AMEN!  

Tonight, our best friends and us took the kids to Olive Garden.  The kids needed a break.  They have had such a hard time with this but have been TROOPERS!  They are strong and believing God.  So we decided to get out of the house and go celebrated life.  At the end of the meal the waiter asked if there was any birthdays.  We said, "Yes!" We told him that my birthday was two days after cmas and we have just been diagnosed with breast cancer so we are celebrating life because I already am a SURVIVOR!  The next table sang with us.

Thats right.  I am a survivor.  I am a fighter.  And if you want to know why, it is because the blood of the Lamb flows through my veins.  His spirit is with in me.  And I just stand back and watch Him light this situation up!  

Hello.  My name is Jennifer Dunn.  I have breast cancer.  In Jesus name, I will be running this show.  Kthanks.

Love, jen 

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