Monday, January 3, 2011


I wanted to just love on you!  I appreciate all you have written to me and done for me.  I try to respond to each of you even for the birthday messages hoping you see how wonderful your words of life mean to me!  God is so good!

One reason I write to you is that God has urged my heart to encourage you in the Lord.  I hope that you see God move and work.  I hope you see His glory!  I want to be a walking example of His glory and His love.  I want to encourage you as you have encouraged me.  I see God in you!  I see the love and compassion of God's people!  It is amazing to me to see His family come together for one another, not thinking more highly of themselves!  I admit I struggle because I don't like to have the focus.  I want to pray for you.  I want to love on you!  I hope you know that!  I hope you never wonder how I love and appreciate you! 

I can't wait to see the end of this!  I can't wait until we see the fruit of His healing!  I believe He carried the stripe of breast cancer, under that cross, up that hill.  He spoke to me the night I wrote about the same strength that flowed through Him, was the same that flowed through me.  He showed me the whips that hit Jesus' body.  How the whip wrapped around His body and the bone, in the whip, grabbed His breast and ripped a stripe of healing for me! 
He carried a stripe in His breast! 
He carried breast cancer up that hill for my healing! 
I praise Him! 
I praise HIM!
I thank you for standing with me and agreeing that in Jesus name, every cell in my body will line up to the WORD OF GOD!  By HIS stripes, I am healed!!
No matter what your going through, remember to praise HIM!  He will see you through.  He already has.

Here is an awesome passage from the word.  Psalm 103  PRAISE HIM!


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