Monday, January 3, 2011


Last night I was so tired that I forgot to tell you the most amazing thing!  
Yesterday, in the oncologist office, he showed us pictures of the tumor and right behind the tumor was a very thin wall of fat.  It was about a millimeter thick.  There it was, with other spots that have went into other parts of my breast and the only thing that was keeping the tumor from going into my chest wall and taking me from a stage 2 to a stage 3 was a millimeter of fat!  It was a lot thinner than the tumor itself! To me, that is just a miracle!  To me, that is your prayers and mine being answered!  To me that is my God who is bigger!  

Ever since we told the kids that I have cancer, Seth has come into our room in the night and crawled in bed with us.  This morning was no exception.  Quenton is so sweet because he tries to get up with him so I sleep, even though I don't think a lot of that is happening, so this morning I made sweet Q stay in bed and I went and got in bed with Seth.  I just held him and started to go to sleep, when I began feeling my hair being pulled a little.  It was a bit painful.  I turned over and looked at him and he said, "Oh, I am sorry mama.  I was just feeling your hair.  It is so soft.  I am sorry your going to lose it."  God trusts Q and I to walk through this right now, so he trusts my kids to walk through this as well.  He is covering us and He will not leave our side.  We aren't about to leave His!  

Hello, We are the Dunn gang.  WE have breast cancer.  In Jesus name, we will be running the show.  Kthanks.


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